The Noise
About Project

“The Noise” is a manifest of pictorial art through the flow of new media.

Canvas keeps frozen noises. This is a new iconostasis inspired by the era of technology. The iconostasis asserts and denies it.

When interference arises, a new abstraction is born, beautiful in its chaotic state, and a system error (television interference) acquires canonicity.

The painting is both the object and the space that holds a set of images that are formed in the minds of the audience. It does not seek to enclose the image into a form, to endow it with the ability to move. The image of emptiness as the image of chaos is possible only in an abstract painting.

Familiar images and objects are filled with allegories and allusions confirmed by an age-old tradition. Their rejection gives an infinite freedom of expression. Abstract images are clean and free and that brings them together with something sacred and firstborn.

The exposition is accompanied by a specific acoustic noise.

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All works © Maria Kostareva.

Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Maria Kostareva